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The 561 Face For Substance Use Prevention & Recovery

Jan Cairnes
CEO of Hanley Foundation

Jan Cairnes, CEO of Hanley Foundation and chair of the Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association Board of Directors, has spent nearly 24 years educating parents on how to prevent their kids from developing an addiction. “The No. 1 thing that can reduce the likelihood of your child having a substance use disorder is based on the number of family meals you have per week,” says the proud mother of three adult children.

Cairnes still speaks with a subtle, soothing Southern accent from growing up in Pineville, Kentucky, even though she’s called South Florida home for more than 40 years now. “There are a lot of people here who really care, and when you do the work that we do, and you see the generosity of people who support that work, it’s really phenomenal,” she says of the West Palm Beach community.

Overseeing about $10 million in grants, Cairnes says a majority of Hanley Foundation’s funding is put toward prevention efforts. But soon, her vision is to ramp up recovery support to provide post-treatment individuals with the resources they need to secure jobs and housing—two of the most important factors for long-term recovery.

“There are a lot of people out there in recovery who no one knows are in recovery because there’s such a stigma, and one of the things I’m passionate about is moving from stigma to empathy,” Cairnes says.



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