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The 561 Face of Boca’s Newest Sports Medicine Specialist

Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine
Drew Stein, MD, PLLC

After practicing orthopedic surgery and sports medicine in New York City for 20 years, Dr. Drew Stein recently opened his solo practice in Boca Raton, treating sports-related shoulder, knee, and ankle injuries. “The active lifestyle we enjoy year-round in South Florida, with sports like tennis and pickle ball, allows a sports medicine specialist the gratification of keeping people in the game,” says Stein.

“Even though my specialty is shoulder and knee surgery, I try to be thoughtful about non-surgical options. My patients and the physical therapists who see them are extremely appreciative that my first inclination is not to operate. It really depends on the type of injury, the patient’s activity level, and pain at the time I see them. I believe that many injuries can heal with proper guidance, supplemented with injections and physical therapy as the first round of treatment before going straight to surgery.

When a person comes in with knee arthritis and a meniscus tear, most of the time the symptoms they are experiencing are more from the arthritis rather than the tear. Likely, they will improve from treating the arthritis instead of operating on the degenerative meniscus tear, not the primary cause of their pain. I would prefer taking a more evidence-based approach and proceeding with surgery when it is absolutely indicated, assuring the best possible outcomes for my patients,” Stein explains.



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