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The 561 Face of Compassionate Nursing Care

Boca Nursing Services, Inc.
Rose Glamoclija, RN

When the quality of life you’ve known is compromised by illness, you want the highest caliber of care. And since none of us know when that time will come and impact our lives, we are often overwhelmed when it does. At times like these, you need to rely on the comfort and connection to people who will be there for you when you need it most. 

Rose Glamoclija, RN, the founder and Administrator of Boca Nursing Services, and a Registered Nurse for more than 30 years understands. She knows the chemistry between caregivers and patients is paramount, especially when patients are vulnerable and out of their element. With compassion, and concern for every person they serve in the surrounding four counties, Rose provides guidance and resources for families needing in-home support and nursing care. Patients are treated with the highest level of respect for their rights, personal beliefs, and privacy. 

Rose oversees the entire operation and personally reviews the qualifications and experience prior to selecting each Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Live-in and Therapist for hire, along with continuous supervision by her and the Nursing Department. The concierge private duty nursing care is made available in the comfort of home, a hospital room, during facility stays and while residing at assisted living or rehabilitation facilities. Rose prides herself on the community support she receives and the generations of patients who recommend her services to their friends and family, year after year. 

Boca Raton: 561-347-7566
Palm Beach: 561-833-3430

This sponsored content is from the November/December 2023 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s 561 Faces special section, click here.

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