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The 561 Face of Real Estate Excellence

Lang Realty 

Allyson Sullivan 

Allyson Sullivan believes that her secret to success as a top Realtor® in South Florida has a lot to do with her tenacity, her honesty, and the importance of forming good relationships with both her clients and other Realtors. 

“I got into real estate at a really young age (about 23), and I’ve just been laser-focused on wanting to be successful,” says Allyson, a Boston native. “The market is constantly changing, and I’m always changing with it, whether it’s new marketing ideas, rebranding, or advertising.” 

An associate with Lang Realty in Delray Beach since 2013, Allyson is both sweet (with a very youthful voice) and tough at the same time. Her clients describe her as “brazen and “blunt” —she’s a city girl who has completed numerous marathons and has a ton of energy! 

Allyson’s stick-to-itiveness and knowledge of the local area has served her well over the years, including in today’s seller’s market. 

“This is a market that I’ve never seen before,” she explains. “I think I’m doing well in this market because I’ve spent so much time and effort marketing. It’s easy to sell a house, but it takes a skilled realtor who educates himself/herself on market conditions, strategizes, and adapts to changes to be successful with clients.” 

Allyson considers herself extremely fortunate that she gets to do “this amazing dream job in this beautiful community” each and every day. 



This sponsored content is from the November/December 2021 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s 561 Faces special section, click here.

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