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The 561 Face of Sports Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Charlton Strucken, MD, FAAOS

Double board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Charlton Stucken always dreamed of becoming a doctor, long before he obtained his prestigious world-class training. “Being an orthopedic surgeon gives me an opportunity to personally develop a relationship with a patient who is sometimes at their worst and guide them through the process of getting their life back again,” he explains. “It is extremely gratifying.”

Dr. Stucken, Chief of Staff at Bethesda Hospital, is known for his expertise in treating shoulder and knee injuries, ranging from non-operative treatment and guidance to surgical intervention.

“I essentially take care of nearly all shoulder issues and knee problems, whether someone falls and breaks their shoulder or knee, has been overusing their arm and tearing it over time, or is suffering from an unknown pain. Most of our patients are able to rehab without surgery. When surgery is necessary, we utilize the newest technologies: 3D CT scans allow us to use intra-operative computer navigation to assist in shoulder replacement, while pressure sensors allow us to balance soft tissues. We are now able to integrate data extending from the pre-op office evaluation, through the surgical technique, and extending into the post-op recovery by using artificial intelligence algorithms and patient tracking software. It’s a really exciting field to be in because the technology is increasing at a rapid pace and options we never imagined years ago are now reality,” he says.

“My goal is that patients choose my practice in Boca Raton for their surgical needs, knowing that I am guided by the belief in providing the most exceptional care, without exception.”



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