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The 561 Face of People and Change Management/Diversity Supplier Program Strategy

Salutad Communications, LLC 

Rosalie Adams, Ph.D., MBA, M.S.I.S., PMP, Founder and Chairman 

Rosalie Adams was reared in a family that strongly valued education. Growing up in a life of privilege in the Philippines, she made sacrifices later in life including dropping out of college at the age of 18 to support herself. She traveled to more than 65 countries where she had opportunities to learn about other cultures while working with high level US foreign service officers. She lived in four countries over seven years, and was inspired to pursue her advanced education with a passion. 

As Founder and Chairman of Salutad Communications LLC, Rosalie’s mission is to provide in the market the “love-being” leadership concept by creating innovative communications channels with fresh insights and education that can easily be channeled to both the workplace and at home. 

Rosalie is a recognized leader in diversity supplier and economic development programs, where her award-winning business development initiatives have a proven track record of saving public and private sector clients up to $2 billion a year, as well as minimizing the cost of the procurement process in all the organizations she serves. Those include education, airline, information technology, diplomatic missions, logistics and transportation, supply chain, local and federal agencies, retail, communications consulting and film production. 

Rosalie developed well-organized, high level empowerment methods in international customer service program development, learning community organizational management and support to provide a new learning platform that is both refreshing and pragmatic. 

“I will show you our approach to gain innovative insights through our communication consulting channel. Visit our website for more information,” says Rosalie. 


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This sponsored content is from the 2022 issue of Boca Chamber and the November/December 2021 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s 561 Faces special section, click here.

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