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The 561 Face of The Dress Whisperer 

Andrea Karabatsos, Owner 
Jenna Studio 

When women walk into Jenna Studio in Town Center mall, they are amazed, inspired and perhaps a bit starstruck by the stunning array of special-occasion eveningwear and sought-after luxury gowns from around the world. 

Often armed with a lengthy wish list and a bit of emotional baggage about their body type, they are warmly welcomed by boutique owner Andrea Karabatsos. Within moments, they feel at ease sharing the details of their upcoming event, and what they envision themselves wearing. 

This is where Andrea’s 25 years of retail expertise in Canada—where she worked with top designers and the most discerning and sophisticated clientele—comes into play. 

“I make my clients look and feel gorgeous when they are able to surrender to what I see in them. That is my craft. I ask them to listen to me, try on what I give them and come out of the dressing room with an open mind. Moments later, they approach the podium, gaze into the mirror and the tears begin to flow. They are ecstatic at how beautiful they look and feel,” Andrea boasts. 

Clients of all sizes and body types can choose from the exquisite selections of Canadian-designed dresses and gowns, all made from silk and crepe, fully-lined and boned, with impeccable construction. “I also do any size modification and any color choice, customizing their piece for their comfort and unique, statement-making appeal. … the Dress Whisperer can glam up every client, one gown at a time,” Andrea adds with a confident smile. 


This sponsored content is from the November/December 2023 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s 561 Faces special section, click here.

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