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The 561 Face of the World’s Most Exclusive Diamond Dealer: Rosenberg Diamonds & Co.

Clients visiting David Rosenberg’s elegantly chic Boca Raton boutique enjoy experiencing unparalleled service and an exquisite selection of high jewelry and engagement rings.

The brilliantly lit silver glass showcases lining the walls of Rosenberg Diamond’s boutique display necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings featuring a vast selection of cherry-picked GIA certified natural important white and natural fancy color diamonds—each personally chosen for their exceptional quality and character.

A diamantaire with over two decades experience, David Rosenberg’s discerning eye for excellence and a penchant for building lasting relationships with his customers has earned him a brilliant reputation among even the world’s most distinguished clientele. He is recognized for his charismatic calm, established expertise, and tireless motivation in helping one discover the diamond of their dreams. Perhaps most importantly, David Rosenberg’s expertise and position within the trade allows him to provide the absolute best value with a unique experience to all his clients.

As an Argyle Select Atelier and an expert in large important white and natural colored diamonds, David Rosenberg’s collection boasts an astounding kaleidoscopic range of stones that would make a rainbow blush. Yellow, pink, red, blue, green, and even purple natural diamonds discovered in the most exclusive mines including Western Australia, treasured heirlooms once owned by royalty, and celebrity-commissioned designs can all be found within the Rosenberg Diamonds showroom.

Whether deciding on the perfect classic engagement ring, upgrading to a large important white diamond, indulging in a natural fancy color diamond, or diversifying your portfolio through investment grade diamonds, clients are treated to a simple, honest, and straightforward experience.

“What brings me the most pleasure is working with my clients at various stages in their lives and seeing them come back to visit and upgrade as their success increases and their tastes refine. I love seeing my clients grow with me, especially for the generations to come,” says Rosenberg.

ROSENBERG DIAMONDS & CO, 561/477-5444,

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