Thursday, December 7, 2023

The 561 Faces of Beauty and Wellness Treatments

Foggiare Wellness Center

Jackie Tamminga & Paula Quintero

In Italian, the word Foggiare means “to form.” At Boca Raton’s Foggiare Wellness Center, that is exactly what women and men come there to do: enhance their body’s form, beauty and wellness by combining the most advanced methods of body cleansing, infrared light therapy, muscle stimulation and presso-therapy.

Originating in Europe, with only two U.S. locations in Florida so far (but more than 350 in Europe and Asia), Foggiare programs are created with unmatched analytical precision to meet each client’s specific treatment goals, from an injured athlete looking to regain muscle strength to a dedicated elite gym devotee looking for a more sophisticated addition to his or her regimen.

Clients who want to improve their body shapes or skin tones, manage and lose their weight, build strength and muscle tone, combat the signs of aging, detox, recover and relieve pain find that Foggiare has a customized solution tailored specifically for them.

With a degree in exercise science and 25 years as a certified personal trainer and gym owner, Foggiare manager Jackie Tamminga oversees the operations with her assistant manager, Paula Quintero, who has been on the job since day one. “We just celebrated our one-year anniversary in August and are amazed at the diverse following we have acquired from college students to 80-year-olds.” Paula oversees all scheduling to ensure that the time slot is reserved and the state-of-the-art equipment is safely sanitized and ready. She also maintains a strong social media presence with 24/7 response. “Foggiare is the ultimate destination to look better and feel better,” adds Jackie. “It’s unlike any other.”



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