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The Ballroom Battle is Poised to Begin

Last night was just another steamy summer night – unless you were at Boca’s Capital Grille for a cocktail party toasting this year’s brave ballroom dancers for “Boca’s Ballroom Battle 2011” on August 19, 2011 at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. This is the fourth annual dance competition starring Boca Raton community leaders and patterned after the popular “Dancing with the Stars” television program.

The party was a mix of sponsors, past dancers, the present contenders and assorted supporters of the George Snow Scholarship Fund. And I have to say – I just have to – you knew we were in Boca Raton because of the sheer number of partygoers who NEVER ATE ONE BITE. Here we are at the Capital Grille, who hosted the event because they are wonderful, and they are passing perfectly grilled tenderloin with Balsamic onions on toast points, exquisite salmon canapes, tiny bites of mushroom mousse, you name it, and there is a table of gorgeous cheeses and fruit and proscuitto, and none of these people are even sneaking a nibble. In 20 years I have never been able to fathom this obsession with calories, with water instead of wine, a turkey burger (without the bun). Oh, please. This is the Capital Grille!

But back to the dancers. Past contestants were there sharing war stories (one woman said she was so scared leading up to the event that her hair was falling out) and the upcoming stars were putting on a brave face. This year’s dancers are: Yvonne Boice-President of The Shoppes at Village Pointe and Fugazy International Travel; Ingrid Fulmer-Executive Vice President, Office Leasing of Caldwell Banker; Jackie Reeves-Managing Director of Bell Rock Capital, LLC; Pat Thomas-Mother/Volunteer Extraordinaire/Grandmother; Dr. Rafael Cabrera-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon; Jay DiPietro-President, COO, & General Manager of Boca West Country Club; Ralph Mesa-General Manager of Mercedes Benz of Delray Beach; Bryan Tindell-Director of Disposal Operations South Florida, Waste Management.

The event is close to being sold out, but I would try to score a couple of tickets now – it’s a don’t-miss event – by calling 561/347-6799. It will kick off at 6 p.m. with a cocktail reception and entertainment by Alex Romano and Band followed by the competition at 7 p.m., and then the After Party at 9:30 p.m. with more entertainment by Alex Romano and DJ JRichards.

I will see you there!

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