The Best of Women in Business 2021: Joslin Kryjcir

Photo by Emiliano Brooks

Owner, Vintage Tess

Creativity branches throughout Joslin Kryjcir’s family tree on her maternal side. She acquired a most unique style from her grandmother Tess, who was the queen of eclectic and artsy eccentricities. Influenced by her talents and her own innate gifts, Joslin discovered a meaningful way to pay tribute to her beloved matriarch and inspire women with her home furnishings boutique, Vintage Tess.

“From an early age, I always enjoyed making things for people. I sold my handcrafted jewelry at art festivals but didn’t have the confidence to start an actual business for myself…until I turned 50! I then decided I wanted to do something meaningful by turning my natural talents into something that would inspire people the moment they walked into my store. I truly want women to believe in themselves, and that anything is possible, at any age. Especially in these dark times we are experiencing, I want to be a light for women, bringing creativity and art and happiness into their lives,” she reflects.

The array of collectibles and accessories found at Vintage Tess blend in beautiful contrast—just the way Tess would have wanted. From glistening bangle bracelets to designer pillows, whimsical pottery and furnishings, there’s nothing cookie-cutter to be found, and everything unique to be discovered. “My life is eclectic. My store is a reflection of me…and you,” says Joslin.


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