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The Best of Women in Business 2021: Paige Fiedorowicz & Jerilyn Walter

Posh Properties

Jerilyn Walter opened her real estate firm, Posh Properties, eight years ago when she had $900 to her name and big dreams in mind. As a woman starting over, she wanted to create the business of real estate and a niche in the marketplace for herself and her customers. With consistent home sales of over $125 million a year, 3 offices and 52 agents, her plans have come to fruition.

“We are always considering our buyers and sellers, their families and their futures when we find them a property. It’s important that we show customers what’s out there that will work for them, not for us. We work to become invaluable to our customers, coming from a place of knowledge and understanding. That’s our job and we take it very seriously,” she says.

Sharing her passion and vision, Realtor® Paige Fiedorowicz, a former D1 collegiate athlete and successful sales and marketing executive, works with scores of professional athletes who rely on her expertise and common ground understanding to help them throughout the home buying process. Relatable and reliable, Paige understands these athletes need to have an agent they can trust to help them invest wisely, and who has their back when they are in the limelight and when they’re not.

“I always ask myself, will my customers be better off doing business with me? Are they going to be happy and financially secure in their new home? Are their lifestyles going to work where they buy? I make sure, the answer is yes,” Jerilyn says.


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