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The Best of Women in Business 2021: Susan Demerer

Realtor, Bex Realty

Having successfully completed more than 100 real estate transactions in 2020, BEX Realty’s Susan Demerer has a deep understanding for the Boca Raton and Delray Beach local markets. As a 30-year resident in Boca Raton and 20-year veteran real estate broker, Susan is ranked in the top 1/10th of 1% for home sales in the entire nation.

Susan’s work ethic is what has enabled her to capture more market share in home sales than any other agent in Boca Raton. “I work seven days a week, from early morning to late at night with my assistant unless I’m taking a short vacation to spend quality time with my husband and daughter, or if I’m shopping for shoes! Seriously, when my customers hire me, they know they have an indispensable broker who is literally available 24/7,” she says.

Susan was recently named as the number one agent in the city of Boca Raton for number of homes sales in 2020, out of more than 4,000 agents! Susan attributes her success in real estate to operating with integrity, being straightforward with her clients and making sure to set proper expectations so there are no surprises. “As world-famous sports coach Bill Belichick says, just do your job! I get up every day and go to work with my assistant, and we love every minute of it.”


This sponsored content is from the March 2021 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s Ask the Experts special section, click here.

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