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The Best of Women in Business 2021: Tracy Litt

The Litt Factor

Tracy Litt is a renowned mindset teacher, spiritual advisor, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author. Nationally acclaimed as the personal growth go-to for female leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to take themselves, their impact, and their wealth to the next level. She is the creator of Mind Magic, a mindset and energetic mastery group coaching experience, and creator of The Choice Method, a methodology that teaches her clients how to embody their highest selves and achieve sustainable growth and success.

“I help women become the next level version of themselves, because inside that growth and expansion, they actualize everything they want. You cannot create different and stay the same. My work works 100% of the time. My students and clients are corporate leaders, visionary leaders, or leaders of their own businesses. They know they are here for greatness and are ready to elevate every aspect of themselves and their lives. I show them how. The work is a combination of metacognition and spirituality, deep healing, and quantum expansion. Together we let go of the hustle and burnout, and embrace alignment and flow. It’s safe to have it all. And everything you want, wants you.” says Tracy.

Tracy invites women to take advantage of her free, game-changing, three-part audio training, “What Would She Do Embodiment Practice:”

“Don’t just wake up and think about the woman you want to become…Wake up and be her. That is the core of my work,” says Tracy.

This sponsored content is from the March 2021 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s Ask the Experts special section, click here.

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