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The Boca Back-to-School Commandments

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It’s official! The Palm Beach County school year has started. Boca moms and dads are rejoicing and kids are…maybe not as much. But, it’s safe to say that families in our area and beyond are eager to get back into a more structured routine after an easy, breezy summer.

Follow these essential Boca Back-to-School Commandments to ensure your family’s transition into the new school year is a seamless one!

1. Thou shalt avoid the “EWW’s”. The best defense against having a sick kid during the school year is a good parental offense. Ask your children to wash their hands, and then wash them some more, especially after pickup. Keep hand sanitizer ‘handy’ in your Mercedes SUV at all times.

2. Thou shalt not shop for school supplies after Florida’s Tax-Free Week. If you didn’t take advantage of the back-to-school sales AND no tax week to save some dough on backpacks and notebooks, then you are an insult to Boca shopaholics everywhere. Plan better for next year. We insist.

3. Thou shalt get their kids back into a sleep routine. Boca’s Grandview Preparatory School recommends dimming the lights and lighting a few soothing candles an hour before bedtime to lower the energy level in the house. Create a routine before bed that does not involve the use of a screen, as the light emitted from it is thought to have a detrimental effect on circadian rhythms, thus disrupting sleep. Sorry Boca moms. Time to put away your iPhones. Don’t you just love always setting a good example for your kids?

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4. Thou shalt not compare his or her lunch making skills to Pinterest. 

5. Thou shalt use car line time wisely. Emails to send? Power Bar to eat? Car line. Phone call to make? Buzzfeed article to read? Car line. Just make sure your data plan is top notch.

6. Thou shalt not forget to thank the teacher. These hardworking men and women will make it their mission this year to help your child learn to succeed in the world. That deserves major appreciation. Perhaps you can even make that fancy lunch for them one day?

Make it a great year Boca moms!


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