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The Designer Series: Edward Wilkerson

You can pack up your sweaters, jackets and Sherpa-lined boots. Winter definitely forgot to make a stop in South Florida this year. But don’t pout, there is a silver lining.

Spring fashion is about to bloom in malls, shops and boutiques across the country, and South Floridians can wear those breezy, beach-friendly looks now.

Edward Wilkerson, designer of Lafayette 148, recently stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue at Town Center to offer a sneak peak of his spring fashion and a few style suggestions.

Spring 2012:

“My 2012 spring line was inspired by a recent trip I took to Capri,” Wilkerson told Boca Raton magazine. “I went there last August and took a cruise around the island…It was so breathtaking you couldn’t help but be inspired by it.”

His latest line is full of bright colors, including orange, blue, purple and pink, as well as geometric patterns and dots. A classic, nautical look is also present, with wide-legged sailor pants, stripes and chain belts.

Wilkerson predicts jackets will also be popular this spring and has incorporated a variety of stylish cover ups with his looks.

His client:

His ideal shopper is a woman who enjoys traveling the world and being by the water.

“What I love about a lot of my customers in South Florida is that they are well traveled and they love the boating life,” he said.

Another love? His Boca Raton clientele which he refers to as his “Boca Babes”.

His biggest challenge:

“The most challenging [task] is figuring out what a woman wants next,” Wilkerson said. “A woman wants something beautiful at all times. She wants to feel fresh and she wants to inspire herself. That’s what I love about women, that they are constantly evolving…It keeps us on our toes. It inspires us. It motivates us to keep going.”

His passion:

“I love creating,” he said. “I love the artistic side of my job. I never feel like I’m working…It’s my life. It’s not just about clothes for me. Its about my painting. It’s about my photography. It’s about anything creative. I love for it and it’s all consuming.”

His rules:

1. “I believe in dressing appropriately. I don’t think you should dress like you are going to a club if you’re going to work. I think you should dress your age and act your age– which is not your shoe size.”

2. “If you can’t walk in platforms, please don’t wear them. It just looks silly.”

3. “Be comfortable in your clothes. Don’t feel like you have to look like everybody else.”

4. “If short skirts are in, but you just don’t have the legs, don’t do it. Don’t. Do not do it. Wear pants.”

5. “Educate yourself on what’s going on [in the fashion world].”

6. “Read magazines. Tear up the pages. Make up looks that look good to you and then [buy] it.”

7. “If you don’t know, ask someone. We all need professional help. I need an accountant, so I have one.”

Want more? Wilkerson will be back in South Florida on March 15, at Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach.

Lafayette 148’s spring 2012 collection is set to hit stores next month.

A special thank you to Saks Fifth Avenue for arranging this interview.

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