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The Designer Series: Ippolita

Accessories can help complete or alter a look, which is why we love Ippolita—the popular New York-based label’s core concept is based on wearing jewelry that helps elevate the every day to an affair to remember. Handcrafted with a colorful aesthetic flavor fueled by the designer’s travels across the world, the label has a strong following among celebs and style makers.

With a childhood immersed in renaissance art and architecture thanks to her Italian origins and artistic lineage, Ippolita’s timeless jewelry has a refreshing modern twist to it. Before she launched her collection at Bergdorf Goodman in 1999, Ippolita spent several months developing an exclusive color of gold, with a hue flattering to multiple skin tones.

Her newest collection Stella is previewing in Neiman Marcus Boca Raton on this Friday, February 1 and Ippolita will be in Boca to showcase it.

Here’s a breathtaking sneak peek of the collection:

Stella rings

Praline Wonderland Bangle Stack

Stoked? So were we. As an additional treat, we got a chance for a quick Q&A from Manhattan:

What is the central idea of your new collection?

IPPOLITA: My new collection, Stella, (named for ‘star’ in Italian) features a new way of mixing stones that I’m very excited about. I layer a faceted stone on top of a smooth cut stone, and the result is a piece that glimmers with these luminescent shadows, just like a star.

With your roots fueled by the rich Renaissance, how do you translate that inspiration into modern creations?

IPPOLITA: My designs are based on simplicity and the use of beautiful materials, two tenets that held true with the artists of the Renaissance.

Handmade jewelry is priceless (and difficult to create), how do you find the motivation to keep going?

IPPOLITA: What’s great about my jewelry is that it layers well…stacks of bangles, a mix of chains…and women tend to want to add new pieces every season.  I like to think that you don’t just buy my jewelry, you collect it!

With all the travels that designing brings with it, have you ever considered crafting jewelry lines inspired by places?

IPPOLITA: I already do!  I tend to notice color whenever I’m traveling, therefore the names of my collections are inspired by my travels…Silk Road, Malibu, Curacao…just to name a few.

What is your style advice for 2013?

IPPOLITA: Be bold and layer your jewelry. Mix short and long chains, stack your bangles. The important part is to have fun with your point of view.

About Jo:

Jyoti “Jo” Peswani is a fashion maven. As a Chanel-obsessed, published fashion and lifestyle journalist, she definitely has a nose for everyday style. In addition to being an award-winning copy girl, Jo runs her own marketing and writing consultancy, The Idea Is {In}. Jo currently curates her inspirations, observations and ideas on her recently launched She’s a strong advocate of living (and dressing) creatively and takes great pleasure in denying the existence of “the box.”

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