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The Expert in Advocating For Injury Victims

Gary Cohen, Partner

Since joining Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen in 1995, Gary Cohen, Partner, has played an integral role in its success as a premier trial law firm in Miami and Boca Raton, winning millions of dollars in rightful compensation for clients. Attorney Cohen has been practicing medical malpractice law in Florida for more than 40 years. He is nationally recognized for his expertise in that area—and his experience and dedication have earned him a membership in the exclusive American Board of Trial Advocates, as well as the Presidency of the Broward County Trial Lawyers Association. 

Q: What steps should victims of medical malpractice, mass casualties, catastrophic injuries, and corporate fraud take to get the best settlement possible?

A: The first thing they should do is get the right lawyer for the right case. If somebody does malpractice as a sideline, they may not be the right person. For 42 years, I’ve done nothing but malpractice. It’s important to research the attorney’s background, expertise, and results; do not rely on advertising or billboards. Those are the kind of lawyers who would refer you to somebody else. Or, if they do take the case, the settlement would be 10 percent of what it should be. In other words, they’re not always real trial lawyers.

Q: What should injury victims look for when it comes to choosing a trial law firm to represent them?

A: Look for somebody who actually tries cases, not a settlement lawyer. Call different lawyers and ask who they would use—or contact the Florida Bar. When you interview a firm, no matter how highly recommended, don’t be afraid to ask about their specific experience in what you’re dealing with. Any lawyer who’s offended by that question is not the lawyer you want. And, when you contact a law firm, it’s a good idea to seek out a second opinion. Get a commitment that the lawyer you interview is actually going to be your lawyer from beginning to end. 


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