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The Expert in Compassionate End of Life Preparation

Garrett Jacobs, CEO, Funeral Director

Marshall Jacobs, GM/COO


The Gardens Cemetery and Funeral Home is a family-owned and operated business, grounded by the personal attention and compassion of Funeral Director Garrett Jacobs, a 30 year industry veteran and CEO of The Boca Gardens Funeral Home, and his brother Marshall, who have helped the Gardens Cemetery grow exponentially in the community since acquiring the property in early 2016.

“My brother Marshall and I both feel a large responsibility to our community to personally watch over families and loved ones through the difficult times when a death occurs, and in the following years when family and friends visit to pay their respects.

Q: What is the benefit of preplanning?

A: There are many benefits to pre-planning your funeral arrangements, but there is none greater than the peace of mind you will have knowing that all of your final wishes will be taken care of completely. Everything is formally documented so that your family will not have to worry about making decisions during their time of grief. The most common feeling people report after pre-planning their funeral plans is peace and comfort.

Q: Do you have plans to expand?

A: With more than 20 acres in the center of the city, and developed on only 11 of them, we have plenty of space left for many generations of loved ones to be laid to rest together.

Q: Do you handle all aspects of funeral and burial plans?

A: With Garrett not only being an owner, but also a licensed funeral director, we have a rare opportunity that at the time of a death of a loved one, funeral and burial plans can be made at the same time. We often hear how convenient and valuable this is to the community when they are in need.



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