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Nancy Proffitt is a Certified Executive Business Coach specializing in the development of a People-Service-Profit culture. After a successful 25-year career in senior management at FedEx, Nancy founded Proffitt Management Solutions to help corporations and individuals make a difference in themselves through the development of the right attitudes, skills and processes to make a difference in the business world. She has learned that the biggest challenge most business owners face is that they know their product and their services, but don’t know how to get their employees to find the same passion and desire to deliver that cutting edge service.

Q: What is involved with Corporate Coaching?

A: Corporate coaching and development is the most effective means of promoting positive, rapid and lasting organizational change. It happens because everyone from the top down—and throughout the organization—is involved in the same mission, vision and values.

Q: How do you accomplish this?

A: We help leaders model the behaviors to get people to want to do what they need to do. We look at attitudes, situations, problem-solving skills, decision-making and communication, and collaborate as a team to make it happen.

Q: What about individual coaching?

A: Individual coaching involves building a non-judgmental action-oriented get-off-your-duff-and-get-it-done business plan. We work with people’s strengths—not their weaknesses—to leverage those strengths to steer their behavior in positive ways, overcoming obstacles and taking action so they feel accomplished.

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