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Camila Farley 

Growing up in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Camila Farley was immersed in and influenced by the agriculture that surrounded her, which led to her pursuing a master’s degree in animal science. “I also really liked architecture, fashion and everything that involves design, from interiors to product. I worked for a short time in the field after moving to Santa Barabara, California and discovered that was not fulfilling for me. After buying an apartment and remodeling it, all of my artistic talents from childhood resurfaced and served as an Aha! moment that design was my true passion and calling,” Camila explains. 

Camila earned her second degree in design, and has been dedicating her time designing residential and commercial projects as well as custom furniture. 

Q: What early design project solidified your path as a professional? 

A: I worked with a startup company named Tile (, where I did all of its interiors and design—reconfiguring its space, breaking down walls and redesigning offices for optimum functionality and brand aesthetics. The small company grew tremendously, and I later worked on its 20,000-square-foot office expansion. The company was sold for over $200 million. I was very proud to be a part of its success. 

Q: What was next in your design career? 

A: We function as a design studio boutique, and I like to keep it that way. Being part of every design we create is very important to me. We recently started designing and building custom furniture with very positive feedback. I see us connecting with more clients who care about design and who see the value of it, and consequently designing and building more exclusive pieces in the near future. 

Q: What’s the inspiration behind your unique furniture designs? 

A: We find inspiration everywhere. We create an art piece, and we give functionality to it. Our designs are exclusive pieces with a minimalist touch, clean lines, geometric shapes and with a mix of organic materials and other elements that create balance and interest. We design and build locally. Supporting our local business is very important to us. 


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