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Isabella Kron, Designer and Founder | ISABELLA KRON

Isabella Kron grew up in Milan, a city synonymous with designer fashion. Her early studies in languages didn’t satisfy her real passion for the industry, nor serve as a foundation for her illustrious training and collaborations with world icons Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Gucci’s Tom Ford. It was her innate artistic talent, sophisticated design skills and unique sense of style and hard work in learning the trade that led her to a fairy tale career in luxury fashion and the launch of her own brand in Delray Beach, now making a mark all her own.

Q: How did you get into the competitive fashion industry?

A: From a very young age I was always attracted to fashion and my desire became a reality. I was very fortunate that my mentor and my maestro, Giorgio Armani, saw something in me and believed that I could do it. We worked together in his design studio for eight years.

Q: You also worked with Calvin Klein and Gucci?

A: People started noticing the accessories I designed for Armani. I joined Calvin Klein in 1992 after meeting with him in person at Villa d’Este in Lake Como. My work drew attention to a rising star in fashion, Tom Ford, then newly appointed Creative Director at Gucci. We started a partnership that lasted a decade, while rebuilding Gucci to stardom.

Q: What defines your brand?

A: My fashions are timeless to pair with anything in your wardrobe for a unique look. From the perfect leather hobo bags, to belts, shoes, watches, scarves, shawls, denim and resort wear. I create a diverse aesthetic. I design all of my prints, manufactured in Como’s renowned factories. I really wanted to make sure I was doing this right as my name is on everything.

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