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The Expert in Marital and Family Law

Stacy Beaulieu-Fawcett, Esq.


Stacy Beaulieu-Fawcett has exclusively practiced family law for the last 18 years, and personally navigated the complications of her own divorce from a spouse who suffered from substance abuse, raising a child with special needs and the myriad of related issues including special medical and educational expenses, to name a few.

“When parents come in fearful of the process and seeking solutions, they find comfort in knowing I’ve been there, and lived it. I am able to utilize my personal and professional experience to help my clients. I negotiate when possible, and aggressively litigate when necessary,” she says.

Q: Is mediation an alternative to a divorce?

A: Mediation happens with every divorce case. People are often confused about this and think that either I go to mediation, or I file for divorce in the court. The truth is, you file with the court, or you can’t get divorced. Mediation is where everyone comes to the table to negotiate a settlement with the mediator as a neutral party there to facilitate that settlement.

Q: Are all marital assets split 50/50 in a divorce?

A: Everything acquired/bought in a marriage is half for each spouse. That includes all investments, houses, 401K, brokerage accounts, etc. It doesn’t matter whose name it is in, or who put the money in; it’s marital, which means your spouse gets half; it’s Florida law, with limited exceptions.

Q: Who should get a prenuptial agreement?

A: Anyone who wants to preserve the assets they had entering into their marriage or will acquire assets during a marriage needs a prenup prepared by an attorney. This is especially true for second marriages, people who own/plan to own a business and anyone who wants to designate assets for their children or grandchildren upon their death.


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