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The Expert in Marital and Family Law

Doreen Yaffa, Esquire | YAFFA FAMILY LAW GROUP

With more than 26 years of experience in family law, Doreen Yaffa has successfully helped numerous divorce clients reach the next great chapter of their lives. Doreen is one of a handful of attorneys who is board-certified in marital and family law by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education, and is specially trained in collaborative divorce. Doreen focuses on educating clients, strategizing on their best path forward and assisting them to achieve the results they desire. Being divorced herself, and now remarried with a happily blended family, Doreen has walked in her clients’ shoes and intimately understands their concerns. This perspective, paired with vast experience, makes Doreen one of Boca’s preeminent family law attorneys.

Q: Are there different ways to get through divorce?

A: If you are seeking advice on a divorce, ask about options other than costly and time-consuming litigation, such as collaborative divorce, mediation, limited representation and consulting. There is even a “DIY” way of getting you through the process for those with a mostly uncontested case.

Q: What are the benefits for clients to engage a family law practice?

A: Helping clients move past the difficult time of divorce and into a happier place where the family as a whole benefits is our goal. Since families come in all different forms and a new co-parenting family is sometimes best for everyone, including the children, my practice provides the assistance needed to see families through these transitions.

Q: As a mentor, what values do you emphasize to young lawyers?

A: I have helped many young people realize their dreams of becoming a lawyer and opening their own firm. My newest endeavor is to share my expertise as a lawyer, business owner and mom of four with women lawyers, emphasizing the importance of life balance and sensibly reaching goals without burnout.

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