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The Expert in the Evolving World of Education

Joanne Weiner, Founder


“We teach our students to be empathetic, contributing global citizens,” says Joanne Weiner, Founder of Palm Beach International Academy. Thirty years ago she designed a lifestyle program for students who needed flexibility with excellence in education. The equestrian community in Wellington and college-bound students throughout Palm Beach county embraced the concept.

PBIA is now home to families from around the world who understand the possibilities of what a self-paced, one-on-one or small group academic education can offer.

“We pay attention to each student’s individualized learning style and interests, Students must be given the support, structure and program to become the best they can be,” says Weiner.

Q: How has online education evolved at PBIA?

A: We only use vetted programs that were meant to be delivered online and added self-paced instruction in a social environment with live instructors. Collaborative and interactive projects are incorporated with these classes. Certificate programs in trades and university diplomas in most subjects are now available in this format as well.

Q: What is Self-Paced Individualized Academic Instruction?

A: Students work at their own pace, remediating when they need to and accelerating when they can. They don’t have to finish a semester in 16-weeks or take their finals at the same time. Students are able to dive into subjects that really interest them, while still getting a well-rounded education.

Q: How do your educators teach?

A: They are facilitators in empowering students to reach their potential. They cater to the multiple ways students learn, enabling a student-centered, not curriculum-centered, approach to learning. They are experts in online learning and create fun and inspiring atmospheres and experiences, allowing students to become organized creative thinkers.


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