The Expert in Understanding the Digital Revolution

Matt Munro | GROOVYTEK

“Prior to the pandemic, learning more about technology for non-digital natives would be have been “nice” or elective, but now the demand for needing to understand how to use your personal technology is essential,” explains Matt Munro, Co- Founder of GroovyTek.

The education-based company he launched in 2015 now with a convenient Boca Raton location, offers one-on-one, in-home personal technology training sessions for smartphones, tablets and computers. Built upon a personalized problem solving technique known as the Groovy Method, his Florida team of 12 GroovyTek trainers serve clients patiently to remove the frustrations people feel initially, and to help them to feel excited about exploring personal technology in relatable, understandable terms.

Q: What is a non-digital native?

A: Anyone over the age of 40, born after the digital big bang of the internet who can use some guidance, because technology isn’t second nature to them. We are about empowerment for this generation being left behind in the technology loop.

Q: Why is being tech-savvy so important?

A: From telehealth calls to having groceries delivered to your home and communicating through applications like Zoom– if you can’t do these things now and moving forward, there’s going to be a big lag. We’ve stepped in to be a resource for the underserved, very powerful segment of the population, the non-digital natives.

Q: What services you provide?

A: In-home and over the phone training sessions to adjust to changes in software operating systems; getting wireless printers synced and set up; understanding how to navigate different streaming services and more. In addition, GroovyTek’s ultra-cool 3,500 square-foot TekFun center in Boca welcomes visitors to explore in-house resources and workshops on communication, applications, staying safe online, and more!

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