Monday, January 30, 2023

The Face of Art and Framing

After more than 40 years in the art business, Muriel Egan prides herself in being the real deal. For clients who frequent her Frame World Gallery in Regency Court at Woodfield, that means expecting and getting authenticity and honesty with every transaction, regardless of the price tag.

“I tell my clients who are only interested in paintings, that prints and posters are not the runt of the art litter. If they are less costly, it does not make them less enjoyable and they can have superior investment value as well,” she says.

While Muriel’s expertise in antique posters has attracted collectors worldwide for decades, her gallery also offers a myriad of services including custom framing, interior design, and hanging. She features a diverse selection of art including lithographs, prints, paintings, sculpture, one of a kind artisan crafts and gifts, many gleaned from private collections and museums.

Muriel enjoys meeting and helping people complete their projects large and small. From original Andy Warhol drawings to Toulouse- Lautrec posters, every piece is treated with integrity and respect, with the utmost care taken to preserve its value and enjoyment. Muriel also keeps a large library of art books for sale and for research.

“My little 1,000 square foot gallery is not fancy but is full of surprises. Imagination is an unlimited resource, and I know how to wield it. And remember, good art won’t match your sofa,” she says.

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