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The Face of Custom Closets & Stylish Storage

Lori Hoyt 
Owner and President of California Closets of Broward/Palm Beach 

The closet is one of the first rooms you visit each morning, which is why Lori Hoyt of California Closets says it’s essential for the space to elicit a sense of serenity. “You don’t want to walk into something where your clothes are falling all over, your shoes are underneath your clothes and you can barely see anything,” Hoyt says. 

Achieving a calming closet isn’t just for aesthetics; it can save you the headache and time it takes to get dressed in a disheveled space. The key to organization is creating designated places for everything—hampers for dirty clothes, built-in storage for jewelry and customized shelving with specific sections for short sleeves versus long sleeves. 

Hoyt doesn’t just know a thing or two about beautifying closets—she’s a business woman through-and-through. Since she stepped in as president 25 years ago, the company’s yearly rev-enue has grown from $1 million to $12 million. A true family affair, Hoyt works alongside her brother Scott Schiff and sister Patti Schiff. 

With a staff of about 40 designers and installers, California Closets also extends its expertise into garages, offices and pantries alike. Projects range from $2,500 to upwards of $400,000, depending on each client’s budget and vision. 

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