Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Face of Esthetic and Functional Closet Design

LORI HOYT, California Closets

One of the main features people care about in a home is ample closet space and storage. And even when it is limited, with expert organizational tools and spacial design provided by Lori Hoyt and her family team at the California Closets’ franchise serving Broward and Palm Beach, there’s a place for everything!

“As you grow with your home, and the world changes as it recently has, we are reinventing our spaces to suit or new reality. We rely on our customers understanding our expertise to create organization that matches their unique settings and lifestyles,” explains Lori.

“There are certainly better prices out there, but there’s no real competition. I am proud to say that California Closets is the prototype people try to duplicate. What we do sets us apart with proprietary products only available to California Closets. Our designers have a design background, go through rigorous systematic training and must know organization down to a science, which will benefit the client for years to come. Spacial design knowledge is key and by us utilizing the latest 3-D technology, clients can see every detail before the project begins.”

Lori says that people now want a furniture look. “Since you visit your closet more than any place in your home, why not have beautiful functional furniture surround you instead of your closet looking like a jumbled Tupperware drawer with things scattered all over the place?” she asks.

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