Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Face of Glamorous Interior Design

PERLA LICHI, Perla Lichi Design

Perla Lichi has made her award- winning mark in the luxury interior design world since 1984, with her unique signature creations adorning spaces from magnificent turnkey residential and commercial projects to those just needing a glamorizing touch-up for an exciting new feel.

As evidenced by her eclectic taste, Perla has lived her life setting trends rather than following them. Gaining inspiration from her wanderlust, love of people, astrology, numerology and her multicultural roots, Perla keeps extremely busy with a roster of clients who know she will work her design magic to beautifully enhance their lives.

“My home reflects my soul and my history. My clients have their own unique soul that I reflect theirs in each job I do. People need a breath of fresh air in their homes and offices, especially now that so many have recreated the spaces where they do business. They must love the environment and be inspired in every room. I know where to put the money so it looks extraordinary and expensive,” says Perla.

With over four decades in the business, Perla still considers herself a workaholic. With no intention of slowing down, she has found that the secret to her enduring success is doing what she loves while finding the work/ life balance spending quality time with her family and grandkids. “They are my greatest inspiration by far,” she says.

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