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The Face of Luxury Silk Floral and Accessories

John Eckhardt, Creative Collection by Petal Pushers

Meticulously choosing from a curated selection of occasional furniture, wall décor, mirrors, art glass, sculptures and silk floral creations, designer John Eckhardt has been bejeweling homes with high-end, luxury modern, contemporary and traditional accessories from his design emporium, Creative Collection by Petal Pushers since 2004.

John’s love of fauna and flora, the foundation of his award-winning style, blossomed early in his life while attending an agricultural high school and later earning a degree in horticulture. “I worked in fresh flowers for many years and then got into the silk business in South Florida. No watering required with these beauties,” he chuckles.

By staying current with the market pulse and incorporating his astute design sense cultivated over the last 30 years, John is able to cater to any clients’ environment and tastes. “I try to work with what the clients have and love, and provide museum quality display placement and mixtures of elements,” he explains. ”I’m not into trendy. People tend to get caught up in that but it has a shelf life. My décor is intended to be timeless, no matter what season it is acquired.”

From choosing an individual statement piece, to a room full of artistic touches from his 5,000 square foot Boca Raton showroom, John and his team of designers strike the perfect balance between sophisticated elegance and dramatic flair to create unique spaces that truly capture the essence of each client.

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