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The Faces of Custom Comfort Mattresses

Martin Ghambaryan and Mikayel Abrahamyan, Verlo Mattress

Long before he found the perfect mattress for his own personal use, Martin Ghambaryan was challenged to find custom bedding for the boats and yachts he furnished for a living.

“I had a back problem and was looking for a mattress that would help me as well. My business partner, Mikayel Abrahamyan, and I did research and found Verlo Mattress Company in Wisconsin, fell in love with their philosophy and products, and became a franchisee,” says Ghambaryan.

Impressed with the quality, price and American-made components, Ghambaryan and Abrahamyan set up shop in Boca Raton. On site, the mattresses are custom-made with a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee that invites customers to adjust the firmness of the mattress as their needs change.

“Without the middlemen and retailers, we are able to offer a high-quality, premium mattress for an exceptionally low price and a 10- to 15-year warranty. We can even customize a special mattress shape, which may take a bit longer than our typical 7- to 10-day local delivery time,” says Abrahamyan.

Ghambaryan explains that he always liked to create and manufacture things, and found the mattress business to be a perfect outlet for his passions. Having a 2-year old son, he says he sleeps less but awakens feeling fully energized. Abrahamyan says he, too, sleeps like a baby, on his Verlo mattress.

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