Have You Heard About the Foggiare Way?


Have you heard about the Foggiare way? Foggiare is a Boca Raton Wellness Center offering the complete European wellness system in a spa environment. They combine the latest and most effective treatments and methods for body cleansing, infrared light therapy, muscle stimulation, and pressotherapy with their patented SLIM UP® System. Each treatment is performed on a specific machine that is custom-tailored to meet each client’s demands and troublesome areas.  Their treatment programs are non-invasive and non-surgical as well as FDA cleared.

Slim Up® Station

The first step for any new client starts at the Slim Up® Station, the latest tool being widely used in European spas with great success. This check-up station guides the customer via a step by step process that measures and records their data into the device. This tool identifies areas in need of body toning, shaping, slimming, excess weight treatment, cellulite and multi-factored treatments for the face with firming and draining techniques applied according to the data returned from the station. A combination of their modern stations will then be utilized to treat areas of concern.  

Slim Up® Must

This innovative beauty therapy unit is patented and consists of an infrared ray source and a muscular electro-stimulator stimulates muscle toning, shaping and slimming. This station initiates a reduction in those stubborn areas where cellulite is commonplace. Aggressively targeting the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs with infrared rays and muscular electro-stimulators has proven to be the most effective method at successfully treating cellulite and excess fat.

Slim Up® Steam

This revolutionary approach to steam treatments starts with combining the thermal effect of infrared rays and steam blended with aromatherapy. The heat causes a fat-reducing effect via lipolysis. The beneficial effect on excess fat is treated by stimulation of the local metabolism. Infrared ray penetration goes deeper into the body than other methods and is more successful at treating hard to reach areas.

Slim Up® Drain

This state of the art station was designed to create an ideal atmosphere for total body drainage via pressotherapy. The cutting edge unit is patented and controlled by a user-friendly electronic microprocessor that manages the data compiled from the Slim Up® Station. It’s comprised of three different sections resembling a corset that allows them to treat specific areas of the body, including the head and face section along with the lower and upper limbs. This sophisticated station incorporates a wide graphical backlit display that presents all of the programs, specifically the sequences, the areas of the body under compression, both setup and current pressure values (also represented with graphical charts), sector pause times as well as pause times after each cycle has been completed.

Slim Up® Lighter

The ambiance of your visit is enhanced with custom-tailored lights, colors, and sounds that are designed to invoke a more relaxed environment.

The SLIM UP®  System was designed to create better muscle tone, pinpoint troublesome cellulite and excess fat that will assist with a whole body slimming approach. This progressive treatment regiment is exclusively available at Foggiare only.


This post is sponsored by Foggiare Wellness Center