For some people, the biggest question heading into Super Bowl XLVII has nothing to do with whether San Francisco’s defense can handle Baltimore’s offense. It’s whether their waistline can hold up against four quarters of fried food and fatty snacks.

Fortunately, I have a game plan that’s guaranteed to satisfy your cravings—while still keeping you in the game when it comes to the party foods typical of Super Sunday. Here are a few simple tricks and recipes for this weekend.


1. Eat a grapefruit half before the Super Bowl party; this will boost your metabolism and activate fat burning.

2. Take a vegetarian digestive enzyme before you start eating; this helps your system digest cooked food.

3. Bring your own healthy food/snacks to a pot luck event. The following suggestions are all available at Whole Foods in Boca (1400 Glades Road).

• Beanitos chips: Try their Pinto Bean and Black Bean varieties. If you want to ease-in to healthy snacking, mix them up with other chips.

• 365 Organic Salsa: Great for dipping chips; high in flavor and low in calories.

• Daiya cheddar cheese: Fabulous for Queso dip; just mix with salsa and heat it up.

• Green garbanzo hummus: Hearty and healthy, this dip is full of protein, fiber and nutrients because it is made with green chickpeas. Try it as a dip with jicama slices or bean chips.

• Jicama: Looking for a healthy crunch without extra calories? Try jicama. Just peel and slice into chip-size slices, then use for dipping.

• 365 Italian Flavored Sparkling Water: Buy your favorite flavored (unsweetened) sparking water and drink this instead of soda—or in between alcoholic beverages. Remember, for every beer/wine make sure to have 2 glasses of water.


Unlike traditional pizza and chili, the following recipes are high in bloat-reducing fiber and low in fat. I specifically chose Yves, Tofurky and Daiya Cheese products because they are the best-tasting meat and cheese substitutes—and they don’t have cholesterol.

Pizza Buffet: English Muffin-Style

1 jar organic pizza sauce

1 jar roasted peppers

1 jar marinated artichokes

1 package sliced crimini mushrooms

1 package of Daiya mozzarella cheese

1 package Yves meatless pepperoni slices

1 package high-fiber English muffins

Preparation: Pour ingredients in individual serving containers for guests to access. Have them heat English muffins in toaster oven (no more than 90 seconds). Add favorite toppings—and heat again in toaster oven until cheese is melted.

The Easiest Chili Ever

1 16-ounce can of organic un-flavored chili beans

1 12-ounce jar salsa

16 ounces Tofurky chorizo-style crumbles

1/2 cup Daiya cheddar cheese

Preparation: Combine beans, salsa and chorizo crumbles together in pan and sauté for about 10 minutes. Drizzle with Daiya cheese.

About Alina Z.

Alina Z., aka “The Green Goddess,” is a certified holistic health coach, detox specialist and raw-food chef who lends her expertise to individual clients as well as the likes of Boca-based DeliverLean. Prior to moving to Florida, Alina hosted her own TV show in Maryland—“Entertaining A to Z”—for people who didn’t have time to cook but wanted to eat healthy. Follow Alina on Facebook ( or Twitter (@FabulousFood)—and catch the Green Goddess every other Wednesday at