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The Husband-Wife Team Behind Fashion Brand TOCCIN’s Meteoric Rise

Launched in 2019, lifestyle collection brand TOCCIN (pronounced toss-in) has experienced noteworthy success in such a short amount of time. Founded by fashion industry veterans, the husband and wife team Alex and Michael Toccin have created a brand that exudes an aura of pure effortless style. Both originally from Florida, the ease and comfort we look for in this tropical environment is evident in their designs, making TOCCIN a great go-to brand for us here. 

With community spirit a core mission at TOCCIN and its cool line of must-have closet staples married with statement pieces, the brand has garnered a cult following that’s growing with each day. Now available in-store at Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton, I chatted with the fashion-forward pair to learn more about their latest venture as they successfully navigate through the challenging retail landscape and all while balancing parenting.

As Florida natives, what are your fondest memories of growing up here?

Our best memories here are spending time with family! Besides both growing up in Orlando and Miami, we have spent extended time with our children and families all together in Florida. Florida will always be a place that reminds us of such great family memories that we will forever cherish. 

After years working in the fashion industry, what was the catalyst for you in terms of partnering together to create your very own brand?

Our friends and family have been coming to us for years for styling advice. I worked for various fashion houses after graduating from Parson’s. While Michael was working at KAUFMANFRANCO, we decided to bring our combined expertise to a larger platform and started Stylist to a T.

You started out with a digital platform helping women talk about fashion and trends in an approachable way. How did that come about and morph into TOCCIN?

Our Instagram following growing rapidly truly sparked the creation of TOCCIN. TOCCIN was launched through our daily conversations with women around us and following us. We wanted to create a line for the wants and needs of these women looking for approachable clothing that was fashion forward.

Your brand is new, having launched in 2019. What would you mainly attribute to your brands growing success, especially during a pandemic and bumpy retail environment?  

Our community! We have met the best women along the way as we’ve grown the brand and are so grateful for everyone that follows us and supports us. 

Its great working with your spouse, but it can also be tricky. How is the dynamic between you two? And have you learned something new about one another from working together?

We work great together as a team. Ever since starting TOCCIN, we have learned so much about one another, specifically how well we work together. We prioritize focusing on family time when we are at home with our kids and on the weekends! 

Where do you find your inspiration? 

We draw inspiration from all over, but for Michael, he truly draws inspiration from Alex! 

What are the three key pieces that every TOCCIN client should have?  

Knit Set, Front Tie Dress, Strapless Bow Mini Dress 

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