Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Naked Truth, Vol. 12

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show “Girls” on HBO, but there was a recent episode that made light of [over the top] sexual harassment in the workplace. I’m someone who feels women are a bit too sensitive about what is and what isn’t harassment. In your opinion [what constitutes] crossing the line? — Linda

Showing your boobs: within acceptable limits

Showing boobs with nipple: stepping right up to the line

Putting your boobs on the copier and sending the finished product in interoffice mail: crossing the line for sure

The difference? Evidence. Never leave evidence, Linda.

Angela, you blew it. I agree with the guy [see comment regarding “The Naked Truth,” vol 11] who says there’s no such thing as a dude just wanting to be friends with an ex.  And I’m a woman. If you ask me, looking the other way was bad advice to give to a guy who’s insecure about his girlfriend chatting up her ex.  It’s not too late to change your mind.
— “The Truth”

Truth: Here’s the truth … read my answer again. I never said the ex-boyfriend wasn’t looking for more. (He’s a man; he would love more!) What I said was the girlfriend saw him as just a friend. How do I know this? If she wanted to be with the ex, she certainly could. Two seconds after she dumped the current boyfriend her ex would accept her with open arms.

Relationships are built on trust, not edicts and ultimatums. Act like an ass and tell your girlfriend you don’t trust her, and she won’t be your girlfriend much longer.

Sorry, but no changing my mind here.

My boyfriend says that lower back tattoos are for sluts.  But I have to be honest—I really want one. What do you think?
— Kelly

Kelly, in my opinion, your body is too sacred to be marked permanently. You don’t see a bumper sticker on a Bentley. However, I also believe it’s your decision alone to make. If you really want a tattoo and are willing to have this on your body forever, then rock out. I know plenty of sluts that have no ink. A tattoo has nothing to do with trashy behavior.

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