My friend and I really enjoy your advice column on, but we want to read some dirt. So tell us—what is the worst date you’ve been on since rejoining the single scene? — from Tara & Paula

I showed up for a blind date at what I thought was a party. Turned out, it was a family cookout … for someone else’s family. I spent 20 minutes conversing with the wheelchair-bound grandma before the dog lifted his leg and peed on my handbag. It was then that I bolted without so much as checking the levels of grandma’s oxygen tank. I’ve never walked out on a date before that, and I hope I never have to again. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Never agree to a blind date that requires you to talk to anyone’s family members. Or fill their oxygen tank.
Who is your celebrity “pass” and why? — from X-Man

Listen, X-Man, for single women, there is no such thing as a “pass.” We write our own script. But, if I had to pick, Jeremy Piven, Adam Levine, Lenny Kravitz, and Jon Stewart certainly would do. The reason? They are all hot for different reasons. I have eclectic taste.
My boyfriend grew a beard over the winter, and then later shaved everything but the moustache. I’ve told him I hate it, but he still won’t shave it. Angela, work your magic: Help me explain to him that moustaches make guys look like porn stars [from the] 70’s. — from Linda

Linda, I thought it was every girl’s dream to make it with a Ron Jeremy look alike! Not yours? OK, here’s how to fix your boyfriend’s ironic hipster humor. Don’t make further demands that he shave it off (ultimatums have the opposite effect of what we desire). Just become “disinterested” in intimacy. When he asks why, let him know that it’s difficult for you to get in the mood when he has a Brillo pad on his upper lip. A few days of this behavior should have him running to his barber for a nice hot shave. If it doesn’t, you just have to wait it out. He’ll get bored with this little follicle experiment and rejoin the real world at some point.
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