Friday, December 1, 2023

The Naked Truth, Vol. 86: Dating Questions

Dear Angela,

I’m in a long distance relationship, and my girlfriend gets nervous every time I go to bars with my friends. She recently took it to the next level by texting me constantly whenever I’m out. How do I tell her to quit it and trust me? – Frustrated

Dear Frustrated,

I won’t pretend to be an advocate of long distance relationships. They are hard, emotionally draining and the survival rate is dismal. That being said, any relationship must have trust in order to survive.  Any long distance relationship must have explicit, unquestionable trust due to the extended periods of separation.  If your girlfriend can’t trust you, then you guys must take a break from the relationship.  If not, the suspicions and accusations will drive you apart for good.  Lay out the options for her- trust you or lose you. It’s that simple.

Dear Angela,

My step mom had the reputation of being a cougar before she met my dad. I always found it funny because you never would have guessed from her personality… until I brought home my current boyfriend. He thinks it’s funny and plays along with her inappropriate remarks. Am I wrong to be upset? – Trying to keep my calm

Dear Cool Customer,

Do you think your stepmom is trying to snag your man? If so, you can politely tell her to prowl and growl in another direction, but all that’s going to do is open cause a big family riff.  My suggestion is to let her have her moment.

Women of a certain age begin to realize that while they make look good NOW, the days are numbered that younger men will look at them in a sexual way rather than a grandmotherly way. When this happens, women react in different ways, most notably by jump starting their fitness routine, getting plastic surgery, or in this case, taking a trip to cougartown.

Don’t be upset. You still have a face free from crow’s feet, legs absent of varicose veins and ovaries that function properly…not to mention a hot, young boyfriend. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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