Friday, June 21, 2024

The Power of ONE Woman

Can the impact of one woman’s efforts or investment truly be quantified and meaningful? Well, Impact 100 Palm Beach County (PBC) resoundingly says “YES”!  

Impact 100 PBC is a women-led 501(C)(3) whose mission is to connect, engage, and inspire women to improve our community by collectively funding multiple $100,000 grants to nonprofits that implement high-impact initiatives in southern Palm Beach County. Each of the women members contribute $1,000 annually and for every 100 women who join, a $100,000 grant will be made to our community. The power of these women giving as one has already had tremendous impact locally. In fact, since Impact’s inception in 2011, more than $5.25 million has been awarded to fund 85 nonprofit programs. Our local chapter is the second largest of 63 chapters worldwide, and we are working hard to become number one!

In addition to funding programs that are critical to ensuring that our community thrives, Impact 100 PBC is a volunteer-run organization. Every single dollar of each woman’s $1,000 contribution goes directly to grant funding. Further, certain volunteers form a Grant Review Committee, which examines Letters of Intent from 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations for projects and initiatives in five Focus Areas. These Focus Areas are Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation; Education; Environment and Animal Welfare; Family; and Health and Wellness. The Grant Review Committee then selects finalists who present their projects and initiatives to all Members at the Grand Awards Celebration. Members then vote on which projects and initiatives they wish to support. Votes are tallied and the Grand Award Recipients are announced. After contracts have been signed with each nonprofit grant recipient, another volunteer-led committee, Grant Management, works closely with the nonprofit organizations to ensure they meet the agreed upon program goals.  

This concept of collective giving, which can produce exponential impact, has created revolutionary change in our community. Last year, Impact’s membership grew to 727 women, resulting in our local chapter awarding $727,000 in grants. Ultimately the organization aspires to attract over 1,000 members so that more than $1,000,000 can be given away in our local community each year! Meeting this well-intended goal will enable us to achieve lasting and meaningful change in our community. It is also solid proof that each woman in our community can have significant impact and the collective result of women banding together for the benefit of our community is undeniable, measurable, and impressive! 

One woman’s efforts and investment can change a community for the better, especially by joining other women who maintain the highest hopes and ideals for our community. To learn more about our mission and to join our organization, please visit

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