Friday, January 27, 2023

The Real Meaning of Luxury Travel

A short walk down Via de Mario on Worth Avenue, and you’ll come uponSienna Charles travel. The front wall is floor to ceiling glass, giving you a glimpse of the luxury travel agency’s chic, boutique-like setting.

There’s a single photo on the wall from one of the many destinations co-owners Jaclyn Sienna India and Freddy Charles Reinert have traveled to. There’s a large glass desk, surrounded by four black leather seats – just enough space for the husband and wife team to meet with clients one-on-one. There’s enough space in the studio to add in a few more chairs, maybe even a small couch and a coffee table, so other clients could sit and wait.

But that’s not what Sienna Charles is about. When you come in for an appointment with Jaclyn and Freddy, rest assured that their full attention is on understanding you and your preferences

“Having a store front – most people say it’s a thing of the past,” Freddy says. “For us, it’s where the future is.”

That’s because Jaclyn and Freddy have an entirely different approach to luxury travel.

For Sienna Charles, luxury means personalized. Just like a custom-made suit, a luxury vacation is based 100 percent on you, Jaclyn says.

They charge a hefty fee up front and at the end of the day, you may find yourself with a six-figure bill, but it will be worth every nickel and dime.

To get an idea of your ideal vacation, they like to visit client’s homes, noting down the way house is decorated, what drinks are offered – everything down to the client’s shoes. If you’re wearing Salvatore Ferragamo and you happen to be headed to Italy, Sienna Charles will arrange for you to meet the Ferragamo family.

“A lot of times people use the term ‘luxury travel’ and it’s still copy-and-paste,” Jaclyn says. “They call travel agencies, and they get pushed off to a hundred different agents. It’s people outsourced in different countries, and they don’t know what they’re talking about. And people still consider that to be luxury travel. We’re trying to change that.”

Every restaurant, every hotel, every excursion they plan out for you is customized and tried personally by Jaclyn and Freddy. Now that’s quality assurance.

Ready to plan out an unforgettable summer vacay? We asked Jaclyn and Freddy to list five of their favorite, often overlooked vacation spots. We’ll be releasing once every Friday for the next five weeks, starting with this one.

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