The Revo MRI Pacemaker

As people with pacemakers know, there are a few limits on what you can and cannot do, and the inability to have an MRI scan is one such restriction. An estimated 50-75% of patients with electronic cardiac devices will likely need an MRI over their device’s lifetime. Furthermore, more than 200,000 patients annually in the U.S. have to forego an MRI scan because they have a pacemaker.  In response, Boca Raton Regional Hospital adopted a new technology, the Revo MRI™ SureScan® pacing system, created by Medtronic Inc., which is the first pacemaker to be designed, tested and FDA approved for use in an MRI.

Since acquiring the new pacemaker, Boca Regional has already implanted three devices – the most in Palm Beach County. Patients who opt for the Revo MRI™ SureScan® as their pacing system will no longer have to forgo MRI testing, which is often preferred by physicians because it provides a level of detail and clarity not offered by other soft tissue imaging modalities.

“The new Revo MRI pacemaker is a major technological breakthrough for patients who need access to a MRI in the present or the future,” said E. Martin Kloosterman, MD, Electrophysiologist at Boca Raton Regional Hospital. “Providing pacemaker patients with access to MRI allows detection and treatment of serious medical conditions such as stroke, cancer, and a wide variety of important neurologic and orthopedic conditions.”

For more information on the Revo MRI™ SureScan® click here for Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s official press release.