It’s an unfortunate truth that most pairs of gorgeous, power-inducing heels are engineered for beauty, not for comfort.

Boca resident Ilene Greenberg used to accept the fact, but after twenty years in the business world where she crammed her feet into designer pumps several hours a day, she decided it was time to stop ignoring the pain.

She interviewed several designers, searched for someone who not only had a background in engineering but in shoe design and developed Design Comfort Shoes.

The patent-pending design has been in the works for almost three years, undergoing prototypes and testing. The result is the perfect combination between design and comfort, with a unique cushioned footbed, flexible material that forms to your feet and a sole that will keep you from kicking off your shoes the moment you walk into your office.

DCS shoes are available for pre-order online at http://designcomfortshoes.comwith a 10 percent discount, for delivery in April 2014. Prices start at $245.