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The Wedding Guide, Part V: Music

Rob Parisi, aka DJ Risi, has had a passion for music since he was 16—and it shows in his music. He brings a high level of energy to his events while catering to clients’ specific styles and preferences. With more than 50 weddings under his belt, Parisi (610/716-0501, takes the DJ’s role of keeping the party going very seriously.

What questions should a couple ask when interviewing a DJ?

What kind of software do you use? Most DJs I know use Serato, Traktor or Virtual DJ. Can you mix or blend the music together? Can we see you DJ at a club or event? Can you emcee, if needed? Equipment isn’t a big concern when looking for a DJ. You want someone that can read the crowd and keep people on the floor after dinner is over.

Click here for a list of entertainment companies in the area.What role should the DJ should play at a wedding?

I’ve done weddings where I’m constantly on the mic, and I’ve done weddings where I make simple announcements. It’s all about what the client wants.

How do you design the set list?

I let the couple pick out all the songs they want. My job is to find the best place for that song. Not every song has energy, so some songs I’ll play during dinner, while others I’ll save for when people are dancing.

What are some benefits of having a DJ versus a live band?

With a DJ, the music never stops, and a DJ can play endless genres.

What is the ideal reception length?

For a DJ and the customer, two hours of dancing is perfect. You get them going and, by the time it’s over, they want more. That’s when you know people will say great things about your wedding.

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