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The Wedding Guide, Part VI: Photography/Videography

Award-winning photographer Jeff Kolodny (1700 N. Dixie Highway, Suite 104, Boca Raton, 561/965-9582, learned the ins and outs of portrait and fine art photography in Los Angeles before relocating to South Florida in 2004. He has been shooting weddings for the past 25 years; his work is marked by attention to detail and advanced techniques.

What should couples look for when choosing a wedding photographer?

A photographer with a track record. This way, they can be assured that he or she will still be around after their wedding to complete the job.

What should couples ask during an interview with a photographer?

Couples should ask to see a complete wedding. Most photographers simply show their best shots. What’s really important is to see what a complete wedding looks like. How thorough is the coverage? Are there enough photos? Is the processing done correctly or do photos look too dark or too light?

What would be some red flags when choosing a photographer?

When a photographer is in a meeting with a bride and groom, it’s a sales meeting. Be wary of sales presentations that seem too slick yet don’t have enough substance. On the flip side, someone might not be a great salesman but an awesome photographer. This is why the emphasis should be placed on the quality of the work and, if possible, confirmed by an engagement shoot.

Click here for a list of more photographers and videographers in the area.Any advice to couples in terms of posing?

Leave the posing to the photographer. A pose that may not feel great may actually look terrific in the camera. Otherwise, being natural works great for both brides and grooms. They shouldn’t have to work too hard on their wedding day.

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