The Wine World is Getting Flatter

Photo: Garçon Wines

We used to promote the “change is good” philosophy, but change has been happening at such a rapid pace that we now tend to act like groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, diving back into our burrows when the wind shifts.

Maybe that means we won’t be ready when flat, plastic wine bottles start hitting U.S. shelves at the end of this year. Yes, you read that correctly. Let me explain.

A new Wine Spectator story says these bottles were initially created to fit into the average United Kingdom mailbox. Stay with me here. Then when the pandemic hit, and delivery of wine starting skyrocketing, these took off with other European countries, too. 

Garçon Wines has developed these 750ml bottles that pack more wine into smaller areas, and they’re made of recycled – and recyclable – PET plastic. Plus, putting more wine into shipping containers can cut down CO2 emissions. It’s green – and red or white – all at the same time. 

While Garçon is in talks with packaging company Amcor that produces eco-friendly bottles in northern California, there’s no word about which wineries are jumping on board. Yet. 

Still, this change could work on a number of different levels. I could probably carry five of them from the car into the house in one trip. Can’t do that with bottles!

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