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The Zoe Statement

Ah, sour grapes.

That’s the taste of not being able to make it to the New York Fashion Week—where the runways are drenched in kaleidoscopic bursts of color, we’re informed. It’s all about statement pieces this season and the next. Deco, geometric abstracts and color block influences are dominating the runways. They make the perfect segue to write about Rachel Zoe’s bold, vintage-inspired costume jewelry line exclusively coming to Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

Art deco crystal cuff by Rachel Zoe for Neiman Marcus $450

The collection consists of statement rings, cuffs, necklaces, and earrings. Common themes are crystals, old world Hollywood charm, colored enamel, Tudoresque cuffs and fringes. Zoe launched her ready to wear line last fall at Neiman Marcus and that happened to evolve in a jewelry line fueled by her inspiration from her own personal collection.

The thing we love about jewelry is that it can instantly up the ante on any look in a matter of seconds. Don the brightest hue and touch it up with a dash of black and gold or dress in monochrome and wear bold earrings. Never be afraid to push the envelope.

Bold hued enamel earrings with Swarovski crystals: $250

Zoe’s fashion evolution is well earned and refreshing to a degree because it’s not a crossover from being a pop icon to owning a clothing or jewelry line. In reality, it’s the other way round. She has two decades worth of fashion, haute couture designer collaborations, numerous awards, a New York Times bestseller and “The Rachel Zoe Project” to show for it. From being a stylist and editor, and now a designer, she knows the business of fashion.

The design appeal is in the versatility, whether it is her ready to wear collection, accessories and now jewelry. You’ll see vintage, modern and an easy style in the mix. Anyone can look the part with a team of stylists and makeup artists and that’s where Zoe has her edge—she is a patron of effortless glamour. And she is always in touch with fashion lovers through her newsletters and social media presence defying the once veritable myth of elitist inaccessibility.

Our takeaway from the jewelry line is that of symbiosis—dig into your vintage pieces and pair with fresh trends for an unapologetic and original look. Some of Zoe’s pieces can be a timeless addition in your jewelry box. While you’re at it, don’t forget the best eternal accessory of them all – your attitude.

About Jo:

Jyoti “Jo” Peswani is a fashion maven. As a Chanel-obsessed, published fashion and lifestyle journalist, she definitely has a nose for everyday style. In addition to being an award-winning copy girl, Jo runs her own marketing and writing consultancy, The Idea Is {In}. Jo currently curates her inspirations, observations and ideas on her recently launched She’s a strong advocate of living (and dressing) creatively and takes great pleasure in denying the existence of “the box.”

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