Theatre Lab Invites Community to Second Online Festival

South Florida actors ready to perform in the first Online Original Monologue Festival

Theatre Lab’s inaugural Online Original Monologue Festival, launched in March and distributed through the collective magic of the interwebs, was so successful in its goal of raising money for cash-starved theatre artists that the company has already planned its sequel.

The Online Original Monologue Festival II—henceforth identified by its onomatopoeic hashtag, #OOMF2—commences this week. Theatre Lab is accepting original stories, monologues and, for the first time, two-person plays no longer than three pages, through Monday, April 20.

Quarantines are ideal times to try new skills, and first-time or hobbyist playwrights interested in learning the craft can tune into Theatre Lab’s Facebook Live page on Thursday at 12:30 p.m. for a brief workshop in Scene Writing; additionally, March’s Parts of a Story and Elements of a Monologue workshops are available anytime on the site.

This festival’s theme is “Heroes,” with organizers endeavoring to offer tales of uplift in these dark times. To that end, the beneficiaries of OOMF2’s viewer donations will be the “unsung heroes” of the South Florida theatre community—the stage managers, designers, technicians, administrators and box office employees whose behind-the-scenes contributions are invaluable to the singular synergy of a great play or musical.

OOMF2 culminates in performances of the brand-new monologues and two-character plays at 7:30 p.m. April 27, also on the company’s Facebook page. Those interested in submitting an original work can email it to Jill Carr, director of education, at