The one place you can always count on to see the latest fashion trends is, of course, New York. Earlier this fall while there for the spring markets there was one trend that really stood out. It was everywhere, worn by everyone from little girls to elegant ladies. Nothing that you wear as clothing on your body. This trend was on top of everyone’s head. The top knot.

If you ever took a ballet class, you know about these twists of hair swept up to the top of your head. But now the top knot is all grown up and a very chi chi, easy style to wear. It can go from day to night, giving you an effortless glam look in no time. Just pull it up, twist, and pin.

Wear it sleek or wear it mussed. A top knot is a cool option in the heat of the summer or a romantic one for that special evening.

To opt for sleek, just pull hair into a tight ponytail on top of your head. Then twist the hair around the pony, and bobby pin. Or split the pony, tie in a knot, twirl and pin. Be sure to spray or use a product to tame any fly away hairs. For messy tresses, bend your head down, muss up your hair and spray. Then pull it to the top of your head into a loose pony (use your fingers, not a brush) twist and pin. It’s okay to pull out some wisps of hair along your face and neck line to soften the top-knot look.When I asked Andy Rossi of A. Rossi Salon & Spa in Boca Raton about top knots, he agreed that a less contrived look for evening is in. “We do a lot with sleek, simple, low ponytails or a little chignon. Nothing too constructed.” The customer whom he was working on looked at me and asked, “What’s a top knot?”  Andy and I explained. She said “I have people on the upper East Side in New York. No one wears their hair like that.”

Well, as a matter of fact, they do. Not only was it “the” look for the fashion markets, the top knot reigned supreme from Barney’s to Bergdorf’s. It was a virtual top knot parade on the streets of New York.But wait, there’s more! As we spoke about hair trends Rossi added, “Another trend I see coming from Milan is – big hair is back.” What? Like big, Texas hair from the 80s? I still hide photos of myself from that era. Especially after a niece said “Aunt Cathy I saw a picture of you with a fro. What were you thinking?” Ugh.

Rossi also mentioned to me that my two-tone blonde on top, dark underneath hair color is, um, dated. Now my stomach is in a knot, not my hair. (note to self – make appointment for new hair color)

Another Milan trend – red hair. “Red hair is going to be very big,” continued Rossi. “All shades of red from auburn to strawberry.” What’s up with the Italians? Big-red-hair? Bravissimo to you beauties who can carry that off. For me, the top knot, and new blonde  color, will be my nod to what’s hip in hair, for now.