Tips for Being Productive While Working From Home

With offices and workspaces around the country closed down to encourage social distancing, many of us are working from home and trying to figure out how to stay productive. Whether this is your first time working remotely or nothing’s changed in your professional life, here are some tips that can help to establish a constructive professional rhythm in the comfort of your own quarantine.

Establish a dedicated workspace

You don’t need to have your own home office to be productive while working from home, but you do need to have a dedicated space to do that work. Whether it’s on the dining room table, in the living room, or on your kitchen counter, pick a workspace and stick to it.

Establish working hours

Pick the hours of the day that you’ll be working and stick to them. Ideally, they should be similar to the hours that you would be productive at your normal worksite. 

Dress for success

You’re just not going to be as productive in your PJ’s as you would be in your normal work clothes. We promise. Dressing like you’re in the office will help to maintain a normal aspect of your workday routine while also helping you to start each day with a productive mindset. 

Connect with coworkers

Even if it’s not inherently necessary to touch base with colleagues each day, make a point to reach out to a few coworkers to establish professional contact and maintain a professional atmosphere in your home workspace . 

Be deliberate in your separation of work and leisure

Tuen off notifications when you’re outside of your established working hours and allow yourself to truly decompress. Working from home can quickly blur the lines between the time for leisure and the time for productivity, so keep the two as independent as possible.

Do you have any invaluable tips for working remotely? We want to hear from you. Reach out to us at and let us know what’s keeping you productive while working from home.