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Tips from Perfumer Erwin Creed

If you’ve never heard of House of Creed before, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on your favorite fragrance. The ultra-exclusive perfumer is one of the remaining luxury fragrance houses that does everything by hand, from concocting the perfume to carefully placing the label on the box.

It’s a pretty amazing feat in an ever-changing retail world, where mass production is the norm.  There are only a few free-standing boutiques in the world, all of which are located in either Paris, London or New York – but luxury retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue in Town Center at Boca Raton are privy to the Paris-based company’s products.

Quality has always been the focus of the 255-year-old House of Creed, says Erwin Creed, the family company’s seventh generation parfumeur. The 34-year-old Parisian was a panel expert during Saks’s Beauty Symposium this week. We caught up with Creed to talk about some tips and tricks when it comes to wearing and picking perfumes.

Try before you buy. Perfume is personal. Unlike flowers, which emit a specific scent, perfume will vary based on how it mixes with your skin. “On me it could be a disaster, but on you it could be amazing.”

Look for honesty. Creed tells his sales people to be honest. If a perfume doesn’t mix well with clients’ skin, they’ll know about it. This is a reflection on the company’s commitment to finding the best perfume for you. “We are more about the beauty, the radiance and all these things. We are not focused about the sales.”

There’s beauty in imperfection. “Today, it’s like we’re robots, and everything is perfect … Everything is electronic. It’s good, it’s faster, but in the end, you lose the human touch. To make [perfume] by hand is an art.”

Avoid the nose. When you spray perfume in areas directly underneath your nose, you become immune to the scent. The result? You think the perfume has worn off when everyone else can still smell it, you put on more – and then you’re suddenly a walking ball of perfume. Opt instead for spraying on the wrists and arm area.

Go with the seasons. Creed says you should own one perfume at the minimum, but personally, he goes with four scents. One for winter, one for spring, one for summer, one for autumn. “When I wear perfume, it depends on the weather. If it’s warm, I will put something more light, more fresh.”

Visit the House of Creed website for more information, or stop by Saks Fifth Avenue in Town Center at Boca Raton. Insider hint: House of Creed will be opening a free-standing boutique in Miami next year. We’ll keep you updated!

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